Some Tips to Accelerate the Steeping Method

Some Tips to Accelerate the Steeping Method

Some vapers have spent years experimenting with the various ways to steep e-juices to enhance the flavor. Here are some methods that can be used to accelerate the process:

Heating Methods

This is probably the most widely used method which vapers use to bring out the latent flavors in the cheap e liquid. Most of the experienced vapers will tell you that the best way to steep e-liquid is by using heat with glass. This is because glass is better at retaining heat than any other material and its melting point is very high. However, the melting temperature of most plastic is ideally above the boiling temperature if water and can be used too.

However, make sure that the plastic container you are using has a high melting point and choose an inert plastic to prevent leaching of chemicals. Even if you are using glass, don’t notch up the temperature at too high as it can cause degradation of flavoring agents and nicotine.


There have been some experiments with steeping using a magnetic stirrer. This speeds up the process well as it allows air to be mixed in the cheap e juice. However, the results of this method didn’t turn out very good. The final result is not as good as just leaving the bottle of e-juice in a cool and dark place for a continuous period of several weeks.

The Rice Method

This is quite and easy method and helps in reaching the desired result quickly. All you have to do is put a cup full of uncooked rice inside the microwave and heat it up. After this is done, take the cheap e liquid bottle and place it in the rice. Leave this as it is till the desired temperature is reached, remove it and shake. Go on repeating this process till the e-liquid reaches the desired taste.

These are the most popular methods used to accelerate the process of steeping an e-juice.

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