Ways to Get On GSA Schedule for Small Businesses

Ways to Get On GSA Schedule for Small Businesses

It is a challenging process for a company of any size to obtain a schedules contract. The GSA offers significant help in this process by providing free training sessions that are held online as well as at regional offices of GSA. Some of these workshops may be specifically designed for small businesses, while some others may aim at service industry partners or information technology services and products.

Along with resources that help in training, any additional information can also be found at GSA e-Library and GSA Schedules webpage. Set Aside Contracts can be used to stay informed about the upcoming opportunities for getting contracts with the federal government.

Advice for Small Businesses

The SBU or the Office of Small Business Utilization at the GSA offers a range of web-based and onsite courses to aid small businesses obtain GSA contracts and succeed in selling to the government. There are SBU centers which are located within 11 of GSA’s regional offices all across the country. These centers provide a “How to Obtain GSA Schedules Contacts” all throughout the year.

Here are some internet-based courses that SBU offers:

  • Marketing to the federal government is a webinar held quarterly. It is designed for industry partners who possess a Schedules contract already. This helps them to take their business to the next level with federal agencies.
  • The GSA Schedules Contract Training takes place in two parts. While Part 1 is related to the process, Part 2 shows how to respond to a solicitation. Anyone can register for one or more of this session which is held monthly.
  • There is a follow-up held to the quarterly marketing and monthly Schedules sessions. This Q&A webinar offers further opportunity to ask questions and clear doubts about obtaining federal government contract and the solicitation process.

The GSA also has a Vendor Support Centre which offers self-stud training and resources which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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